Ever since the September issues came out this year I'm craving fringe. It started with that beautiful Michael Kors show that had touches of fringe throughout- the standout being the skirt. It packs such a major punch while being so effortless. Paired minimally with a chunky turtleneck,  it's insta-outfit. If you don't feel brave enough for the skirt, try incorporating the look into accessories. Just be careful not to go too "costume-y"...you know what the Project Runway judges would say about that! Even so PR designer Sean Kelly went for it with his signature fringe looks during the season finale- and it payed off! The inspiration and interpretations below.
The inspiration- Michael Kors Runway Show
The inspiration: A look from Sean Kelly's show on the Project Runway season finale
Literal interpretation- H&M fringed skirt
This may be my favorite of all- I'm kind of dying for thins fringe belt! BCBGMAXAZRIA Fringe Waist Belt
The air is crisp, the leaves are bright and finally I have some killer boots on- fall has arrived both in calendar & in spirit! Certainly by now you've stocked your closet with comfy sweaters, cute jeans and at least one hat that you'll likely never wear. But, it seems like every year there is that one "it" item that can't be kept on shelves or in online shopping carts. I'm here  today to bring that item to you. This is the *one* accessory you need to complete your fall wardrobe. Easy to wear, goes with everything and chic as hell. I'm talking about the oversize plaid scarf. You can't tap a pic on LiketoKnow.it (sign up immediately if you haven't already) without running in to one of these babies. It started last fall with that sold-out-everywhere Zara scarf (you know the one!), but this year it's back in multiple places- at multiple price points! I've done all the work for you. Just pick your favorite one below and click purchase without reservation. I promise, you'll wear this scarf to death.
Shoppe Pioneer Oversized Plaid Scarf - for all my local readers! You can also visit this fabulous store in Providence!
Hi. My name is Ashley and I have a problem. I am addicted to shopping. Seriously! But, when I see the word "sale" I just lose my mind! Such is the case today. Like most people, I've desperately been trying to save money lately, but how can you say no to 80% off DESIGNER retail??? Well, I can't. Rent The Runway is having it's annual clearance event. I've written about it before, and have successfully bought from this even in the past. So this year, I'm doubling down. I won't tell you which ones I bought, but it's safe to say I got an amazing deal.
And the Emmy goes to...Beyonce! Wait, what? That was the VMAs? Oh. Well, I'd still give it to her, but since the VMAs are really just a mess of who can show the most boobs and booty let's skip over that and talk about The Emmys. Monday night, huh? I kinda dig it! Most people played it pretty safe. Let's face it, this red carpet is not the most exciting, but it's still fun! Lots of red and white...and a few pink ombre ruffled messes (cough, cough, Lena Dunham- we'll get to that later), and just a couple sparkled stunners. So without further adieu, let's dive in- complete with #hashtags!
One of my favorite looks from the night! Julia Roberts in Elie Saab #legsforday
Gorgeous, stunning, striking- LOVED Lizzy Caplan in Donna Karan Atelier  #yougoglencoco
I was surprised at how much I liked Hayden Panettiere in Lorena Szabo. Pregnancy looks good on her! #preggoperfection #suckerforsparkles
Another gorgeous Elie Saab dress from a mega movie star, but completely different from Julia Roberts #allhailhalle
Sofia Vergara in Roberto Cavalli #becauseduh
Oh and PS, there was this. Please discuss... #girlbye
OK, truth time. When I'm getting ready in the morning the last things I think about are my undergarments. Actually the last thing I think about is remembering to unplug my steamer before running out the door, but right before that, definitely my underwear. For me, it's more about functionality and much less about fashion. Until now. I was recently invited to a lingerie pop-up shop of sorts when the Journelle Airstream Boutique traveled to beautiful Castle Hill. The inn has partnered with the lingerie shop, which as you can imagine is a match made in luxury heaven! At stunning Castle Hill, you can book the "Journelle Getaway" or at Journelle, check out the Castle Hill inspired lookbook! Maybe it was the view, or more likely- maybe it was the rose', but either way I was inspired, and couldn't resist picking up a pretty little lacy thing for myself. And you may want to, too- since Journelle's semi-annual sale is going on now!
Does anyone else wake up on a Saturday morning and think style? OK, actually first I think coffee, then I think style. There are always so many events going on, especially during the summer, that I often find myself mentally going through my closet before I've even wiped the sleep out of my eyes. And, as my entire blog indicates, I take a lot of notes from things I see on TV. My spirit animal, Nicole Richie, is back on the media circuit promoting her new VH1 show "Candidly Nicole". I've been following the series since it first popped up as web short on AOL last year, so you know I'll be tuning in on July 17th (#notsponsored #justloveher ). As usual, Nic is nailing it with her high fashion looks...like the Pucci print she wore on Jimmy Fallon. While Pucci is not attainable for most of us (tip: you can find some scores if you dig through "The Runway" section of TJ Maxx) let prints be your muse for summer with some more affordable frocks.
The inspiration: Nicole Richie in Emilio Pucci Fall 2014
I am still recovering from PLL100. So much to discuss! The Emison kiss, Caleb's weird hair, Ezria forever...and ohh the massive explosion??! But most importantly- the fashion. Hanna's hangover chic is simply inspired. Obsessed with the shades. And Alison can't keep a dead mom and budding lesbian romance keep her from a geek chic cat T-shirt. Taylor Swift would be so proud. Those and more odds and ends from PLL100 below. Meow!
Alison's Cat T-shirt- "Sandro Elie Top"
The unofficial start of start of summer has come and gone, which means beach season is underway in many parts of the country. Despite what may have been the longest winter in years, I still feel like warm weather crept up quickly- leaving me unprepared to bare all on the sand. That's why I'm loving Jessica Simpson's one-piece with cutouts by Mara Hoffman. The queen of graphic prints delivers a fun, sexy vibe, while still being a little more covered up.  Weird tan lines be damned! Who really cares when we all use fake tanner anyway? Check out some more (less expensive) one-piece wonders below!
Jessica Simpson in Mara Hoffman
Victoria's Secret Flounce One-piece ...also comes in super cute floral print!
Although spring is technically here, besides the allergies, it sure doesn't feel like it! It's still jacket weather, despite the fact that we are all antsy to invoke our right to bear arms (get it?). While jackets don't exactly scream chic, there are some that can work seamlessly into your layering wardrobe to keep the chill off (and the style) on until warmer weather really arrives.
An edgy take on denim with this moto style from H&M.
The anorak! Goes with anything- especially in a military inspired olive tone. I have a similar one & constantly get compliments. This one is from Athleta. Similar here and here. 
Bombers are still having a moment, and a fun floral print is perfect for spring, natch.This one is super affordable. Also loving this one and this one.
It's happened to all of us before. Shopping fatigue. You've gone to every store, tried on ever shirt, pair of pants, dress...whatever, only to find, yup you guessed it- nothing! Truthfully, I have a higher tolerance than most for digging through racks to find exactly what I'm looking for, but even I've been in a spot that an extra shot of espresso can't pull me out of. Enter Stitch Fix. My very fashionable, albeit tired of dragging through the mall and finding nothing she liked, friend turned me on to this new service.

Here's how it works: you create a profile so they can get to know your style, then they send you five items that their stylists pick for you based on said profile. You keep (and pay for) the items you like then send the rest back. And the fee for all this styling goodness? $20! I think that's pretty reasonable if they do a good job. Plus if you keep any of the items the fee goes towards what you keep.  So,you ask, "Do they do a good job?". I can tell you from my friend's experience that I thought overall they picked items that fit her style well.

Things to keep in mind: you don't really know what you're going to get. You may like nothing, or you may like something but it's not in your budget (average item price $65). If you consider this going in and have reasonable expectations, I don't think you'll be disappointed. If the stylist does a good job, that $20 is SO worth it. If you don't really like anything, consider the $20 an entertainment fee. One thing I really liked was the option to provide them with a specific pinterest board. I have one that is just dedicated to my own personal style, so I supplied that one as inspo for my stylist. My overall verdict? If you have an extra $20 this month, and you're tired of shopping all the usual spots- give it a try! I just placed my first order to arrive next week, and I have a feeling this could be my new obsession! Check back to see how my personal order turns out!