It's happened to all of us before. Shopping fatigue. You've gone to every store, tried on ever shirt, pair of pants, dress...whatever, only to find, yup you guessed it- nothing! Truthfully, I have a higher tolerance than most for digging through racks to find exactly what I'm looking for, but even I've been in a spot that an extra shot of espresso can't pull me out of. Enter Stitch Fix. My very fashionable, albeit tired of dragging through the mall and finding nothing she liked, friend turned me on to this new service.

Here's how it works: you create a profile so they can get to know your style, then they send you five items that their stylists pick for you based on said profile. You keep (and pay for) the items you like then send the rest back. And the fee for all this styling goodness? $20! I think that's pretty reasonable if they do a good job. Plus if you keep any of the items the fee goes towards what you keep.  So,you ask, "Do they do a good job?". I can tell you from my friend's experience that I thought overall they picked items that fit her style well.

Things to keep in mind: you don't really know what you're going to get. You may like nothing, or you may like something but it's not in your budget (average item price $65). If you consider this going in and have reasonable expectations, I don't think you'll be disappointed. If the stylist does a good job, that $20 is SO worth it. If you don't really like anything, consider the $20 an entertainment fee. One thing I really liked was the option to provide them with a specific pinterest board. I have one that is just dedicated to my own personal style, so I supplied that one as inspo for my stylist. My overall verdict? If you have an extra $20 this month, and you're tired of shopping all the usual spots- give it a try! I just placed my first order to arrive next week, and I have a feeling this could be my new obsession! Check back to see how my personal order turns out!
You've been hearing about it for weeks, if not months, and now the H&M "Conscious Collection" is live on their website and in select stores. JLo rocked the lace frock a couple weeks ago on idol, so no surprise that one is already sold out online. Check out the rest of the collection here. Happy (Eco-friendly) shopping!
Jennifer Lopez in H&M Conscious Collection
Admittedly, Taylor Swift is not my favorite. I don't enjoy her music (or most in the genre for that matter), but I am woman enough to give credit where credit is due! T Swift knocked it out of the park at last night's ACM Awards. So chic. So grown-up (in a good way). So fashion forward. Bravo!
Taylor Swift in J. Mendel
Jennifer Lopez brought it back to her Jenny from the block roots this week on American Idol and I luh it Papi! First sporting an H&M dress on Wednesday night and then rocking her own Kohl's line last night. Currently the romper is only available in black online (on sale!), but hopefully they're stocking up on other colors soon! In the meantime, if you have a penchant for pink, I found some other options below!
Jennifer Lopez in Jennifer Lopez Solid Roll-Tab Crepe Romper available here in black.
Anyone who knows me knows I live for brunch. There's nothing I enjoy more than rolling out of bed with my same smoky eye from the night before and trying to pull off "chic" while happily sipping a spicy bloody mary and destroying a bacon, egg & cheese. Heaven, right? This sweatshirt to me represents that "I'm kind of a mess, but I kind of like it" feeling that washes over me on the morning after a great night out. Plus, who has the time to put together an outfit after a night of dirty martinis?
Rain, rain- go away! You may have noticed that Noah and his ark didn't only arrive in theaters over the's also here in New England! I'd love to believe this is the end of the April Fool's-like weather, but let's get real- the joke is on us, and there is likely plenty more precipitation to come over the next month. Time to upgrade your spring showers gear- with some affordable, but oh-so-chic basics!
Item of the day, because sometimes Mondays feel like going to war.
J Crew Camo Sweatshirt- 25% off right now w / code  "HEYSPRING"
Any of my regular readers will know that in addition to being an avid reality TV watcher and shopaholic, I am also the executive producer of The Rhode Show on WPRI 12 (CBS). Today we did a segment with my fellow blogger, Newport Stylephile, on transitional spring style. The goods were *too* good not to share! Happy Shopping!
Get all shop info & price points here
It's here, It's here! Can you believe it? Spring has sprung! The new season officially arrived at 12:57pm and all I can think about is flowers and sunshine! The sunshine may be free, but the flowers you'll have to buy. While I'd gladly accept a bouquet from an admirer, I'm more the type to buy it for myself. But, don't forget what your wise great-grandmother always said, "Flowers die, but shoes...they last forever!" So instead of buying myself some pretty peonies (my fave- for those keeping score at home), I'd probably be better served with some spring stilettos instead. Of course, I can hear Miranda Priestly's voice from "The Devil Wears Prada" echoing in my head, "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking." Whatever, Miranda wasn't right about everything.
Can you believe it my little tulips, the end of winter is only a day away?! It's been a long, harsh season and you deserve to reward yourself for making it through! So what better way to usher in spring than with some bling (see what I did there)? The quickest, easiest, and in this case cheapest way to update your wardrobe for a new season is with a statement necklace. Seriously, you cannot go wrong. But, so many can be over-priced for what they are, which is why I was excited to hear about TV Girl Bling! The company, started by a news reporter & anchor, is a super-affordable collection of statement making pieces, inspired by what you might see on some of your favorite TV hosts. Currently, I'm crushing on the Blue Victorian Gem Necklace Set. Its navy accents remind me of all things New England, but the rhinestones make it a little more whimsical for glitzy girls like me. For $17 (yes, you read that correctly) you can't go wrong.