I don't know about you, but I could not be happier that Law & Order SVU is back. I mean, did you see the season premiere? That was some good TV! But all summer long, as I waited for Benson and the gang to come back and get the bad guys, I watched reruns on cable. Late to the game probably, but I noticed that Mariska Hargitay (aka Olivia Benson) has always worn the same necklaces. So, of course, I wanted to find out where they're from. Turns out one of chains supports her charity "Joyful Heart". A do-gooder on TV & off! You can also get the look by layering some of your own chains, or check out some of the ones I found below!
Mariska Hargitay on set of SVU in Me&Ro necklaces
Dogeared Fearlessness Necklace (they also have dozens of other "meaning" necklaces)

Leslie Nielsen
10/10/2013 12:57am

I'd like to know about the new neckless that Olivia Benson aka Marishka Hargitay wears on the show. It is a horizontal rectangle and looks like it has writing on it. Thank you very much!

02/05/2014 5:50pm

I wanted to know the design and writing on marika's horizontal rectangular necklace. Is it silver or gold

02/05/2014 5:53pm

In formation on were you can buy this style neclklace and pendent

Sara Tomé
10/12/2014 5:21am

It's says FEARLESS and it's silver

Kathy Watkins
11/22/2014 2:42pm

Elizabeth Gottlieb
10/17/2013 3:30am

I very much respect Mariska Hargity - not only for her stellar
acting ability, but for her very heartfelt dedication to / for
Various poignant Charities !! As I share the exact same day of
birth January 23rd ( however exactly 10 years to date older ).
My birthday is January 23, 1953, I understand Ms Hargaty's
Is January 23, 1963 !!

As one of my very favorite Accomplished actresses - I have
been quite interested in the creative gold neckpieces she wears.
I understand that some of the money goes to her charities.

I would very much enjoying hearing from Mariska so as to perhaps
purchaseo some pieces of her collection.

I included my email - Look very forward to hearing from Ms
Hargity. Thank you .... Sincerely. Elizabeth Gottlieb
As previously stated we share the birthday of January 23 --
mine 1953 & I understand Mariska's in 1963 ! A fun connection
Again, look extremely forward to hearing from Ms Hargaty'

02/01/2014 5:33pm

My husband just gave me the "Fearlessness" necklace as an anniversary gift...I'm a survivor, so I'll wear it proudly!!

04/15/2014 11:30pm

if mariska hargitay, separately sold the two necklaces, that she wears all of the time on SVU, she could make a fortune for the foundation! the reason i say that, the info said, buy her double necklace, but when i went on the site, there was not ANY info about, which ones were the necklaces she wears on her show. they need to put that in the category, Mariska hargitays double necklace, its a very simple solution!!!! thank you

11/18/2014 10:57am

Here is where they are sold! http://www.joyfulheartfoundation.org/heartshop/shop-by-price/%24501%20and%20up


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